Program Information

The Giocoso String Program combines the love of learning and a passion for music to create a family-friendly string program.


Private Lessons

All students will be given instruction in varying time lengths. For Book 1-2 students, a 30 minute lesson is sufficient. For advanced students (Book 3 and up), 45 minute and 1 hour lessons are available. Mr. Pezzino teaches Tuesday and Thursday. Ms. Licetti & Ms. Greenberg teach Monday through Friday.


Play-Ins and Play-Downs are a lot of fun! All students join together for group playing of repertoire. A Play-in occurs when the Repertoire is played randomly and a Play-Down occurs when we start at the most advanced piece and play – down to the Twinkle Variations. All the students love these special events!

Group Classes/Ensembles

Group classes reinforce concepts learned at private lessons, encourage musical techniques and phrasing, and provide motivation and socialization.

All lower and middle school group classes meet on Friday afternoons from 4-7:30 pm. The High School Strolling Strings Class meets on Thursday afternoons. Cost is free to all Program Students.

Parents Class

This class is being offered in loving memory of Anya Yates (1966-2000) who wanted to play music with her own children. This group class is for parents who are beginners or in Early Book 1. It’s free, and will be offered in three 8 week sessions if there are 6 parents interested. There will be a sign-up during the first week of class. All parents need to have their own size instruments.

Strolling Strings for High Schooler’s

On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Pezzino will be teaching a Strolling Strings Class for High School students. Music will be challenging and fun!

Solo Days/Recitals

Throughout the year, we hold Solo Days during group lessons. Each student is invited to perform a solo and will receive a certificate for their participation. A recital is a reward for wonderful practicing. We encourage each student to choose a piece that reflects their best playing.

Group Concerts

Several times a year, there will be performances here at school, at local Nursing Homes and in the community. We love to perform!

Concert Dress: 
Navy Blue or Black dress pants/skirts with White button front shirts or complete Black. Dress Black shoes.


Each student must register for study each school year. Prospective students may phone (908)-210-5538 to request information and registration forms. Students are considered registered upon receipt of the completed application forms and fees. Students will not be assigned to lessons until the registration form and fees have been received.